Automatic. Fast. Precise.

Accelerates and improves neuroimaging analysis thanks to Neurocloud’s advanced automatic processing. Facilitates the detection and monitoring of neurological diseases.

Team work.

Localization of abnormal areas in multimodal images (PET, SPECT, MRI).

Save time.
Reduces costs.

100% automatic. Fast, intuitive and easy to use. Save time, improve your productivity.

Always compatible.
Without installation.

100% compatible with your technology:
No installation needed and immediate use. Clinically validated.


Reliable and inmediate

Calculation of biomarkers in a few minutes and immediate comparison with extensive databases of healthy controls.

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CE Marking: Qubiotech is an authorized manufacturer by the AEMPS and all Neurocloud solutions are CE marked

How It Works

Neurocloud is an online platform, fast, simple and intuitive that allows the use of quantitative tools in the clinical routine in only 3 steps.

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Drag and Drop
Automatic data anonymization

Icono Cuantificación de imagen

Image quantification
Automatic Identification of abnormal areas.

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Customized reports
Results in 5 minutes.
Complete report attached to the medical history.

Neurocloud Solutions

pantalla análisis PET

Quantification of metabolisms and amyloid accumulation in PET image.

pantalla análisis SISCOM
SISCOM Logo Neurocloud

Precise localization of epileptogenic focus by subtracting ictal and interictal SPECT image and MRI co-registration.

pantalla análisis VOL
VOL Logo Neurocloud

Volumetric analysis for atrophy and lesion quantification in MRI

pantalla análisis SPECT
SPECT Logo Neurocloud

Quantification of DaT SPECT images.

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Neurocloud is the new paradigm in diagnostic imaging

Increased neuroimaging processing enables better diagnostics in more efficient organizations

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